I Passed My Capstone! … Now What?

Eight days ago today I defended my Master’s Degree capstone project and successfully passed with honors. At the time it felt like an academic Hail Mary pass because I was under so much pressure; I did not sleep the night before the presentation because I was working on the PowerPoint (PP) in Griffin Hall. That infamous evening of my life is still a blur. Despite my lack of confidence last weekend, I now realize the presentation was indeed the culmination of a great fourteen-month long project, of a great game-plan, if you will (to stick with the football metaphor), that simply required the all-nighter (Hail Mary pass) during the final stretch. This website was the project; thus the reason I haven’t blogged in over a week. I needed a break, a few deep breaths, and a lot of sleep. It was nice, and now I’m back.

After the defense CharacteRistic became an independent blog; no longer part of an academic project, which means I have more flexibility and freedom in running it.

The mission remains the same, but the frequency of posts will go down and I will ‘stretch’ ideas a bit more to connect to my personal life and to themes that may not directly relate to specific Communication research, but that relate nonetheless. The new weekly post schedule will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. Last week and this week are officially ‘transition weeks’. During this phase, it is my responsibility to share the presentation with anyone who is interested in how it went.

The Capstone Defense

The academic defense directly related to this website and included important points and insightful conversation in regards to digital dissemination of knowledge through blogging (i.e. Blogademia). I aim to share information I learn inside the privileged walls of academia with as many people outside of these walls as possible, because some of it might be of use to a greater global audience.

Thus, with no further ado, I present an edited version of the original PP presentation, the video record of the actual presentation (about thirty minutes in four YouTube videos), and the video record of the question and answer session that followed the presentation (about 24 minutes in three parts).

Friday I will summarize my most significant insights from this presentation, will add all the sources I used to the existing references page, and will share with you the resulting improvements of CharacteRistic (some of them you may see already).

A Hail Mary pass is impossible without a team to create the play. Thank you to Dr. Jimmie Manning for serving as the chair to this project and playing an instrumental role in the development to this blog, to Professor Renee Human for inspiring me to take up an interest in computer-mediated communication and for helping with the blog as well, and to Dr. Danielle Stern for serving as an inspiration through her own academic blog and for her guidance during the project. Furthermore, thank you to all of my family, friends, and everyone in the NKU Communication Department for helping to keep me sane over the past fourteen months; I am grateful beyond words.